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October 5, 2009, 2:59 pm
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TXTSFRMLSTNGHT has become a rapid Internet phenomenon, despite the simplicity of the website’s content. All the website is is a constantly updated post of lists and lists of text messages, which people submit themselves, that they sent or had sent to them the night before, with their area code included in the front so people have some idea of the area they came from. The owner of the website receives them all and then decides which are deemed worthy of posting on the site. Most of the posts are hilarious, and most of them make little sense and are about the sender or receiver being drunk, high, and/or trying to attempt some kind of hook-up with another person, as for those are the times when people are the most blunt and therefore send the most blunt text messages. This simple idea of a website has caught on extremely well with young people, and the website how has major advertising for upcoming movie releases, clothing companies, etc. The website also has its own component on the blogging site, Tumblr, so that TXTSFRMLSTNGHT can appear in a person’s Tumblr blogroll when subscribed to.

Being that I am a college student and therefore part of this website’s target market, I understand its popularity. People my age are the ones most likely to be sending and receiving these texts, and therefore find reading them most hilarious. In fact I’ve often received tests from my friends and thought of how they would be great submissions for TXTSFRMLSTNGHT, haha. So with that in mind, I’ve posted below this entry a few I found pretty funny…the first one even being one that was sent from Athens! Enjoy.

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I totally saw that one about Morton Hill when it went up! It’s a strange sensation, reading about our tiny corner of Ohio making its way into this ridiculous bit of cyberspace.

Having said that, I get a real kick out of this site. I can’t open it unless I’ve got some serious time to kill, because I can’t seem to tear myself away.

The anonymity that the internet provides certainly seems to allow our generation a forum for racy and embarrassing admissions!

Comment by jkessler725

Although I’ve never actually gone to the site, for fear I will get sucked in a waste all of my time reading other people’s texts, my friends are really into it. So I get a humorous run-down from them constantly.

I love how you put in some actual texts, especially because they’re from Athens. I’m sad to say I didn’t get to see this dreadful event occur; however, I can definitely picture it as it’s unfolding, which made me laugh out loud.

One suggestion for you. I’m not too familiar with, but I would love to see a section about you, or even a picture. If you have one, great! But I’d like to see it more prevalent on your blog.

Otherwise, keep up the good work!

Comment by Rachel Ferchak

this blog is a good source for those who are behind on the times of youth culture/internetz.
i also saw the morton hill one…and more recently, the police horse one, which was way disturbing.
this blog also looks really good, i’m digging the layout.
great job explaining what’s going on in the world of internet and pop culture!

Comment by emilee

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