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Internetz For Those With ADD
October 15, 2009, 5:15 am
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Herro everyone, Kelly here again. This post will focus on viral Internet clips that are combined together to enhance viewing pleasure (or to get people caught up on the latest Internet phenoms without having to stalk YouTube on the daily). I find the takeoff of these types of videos and pictures interesting, because there is no inherently new information we get by seeing them; we have often seen all of the individual clips at least once if not many times over, so what is the point of combining images or creating one video out of 50? But I have already personally watched this clip of the 100 Greatest Internet Videos In 3 Minutes multiple times already myself! I suspect it is because it reminds us of old things that have made us laugh before that we had forgotten about, and shows us new ones we have never seen. Plus, we like to see other humans, laugh, fall, dance, and generally goof off. After a serious day at the office or in school, it is good to see humans being humans.

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Wow. Great mashup of the best videos!

I have a couple that should be on there:

1) Bubb Rubb and Lil Sis
2) God Warrior.

I’ve been watching those on a regular basis. Enjoy!

Comment by Steve Zeisler

hahaha. good call steve. both of those videos were beyond ridiculous. Whistles in your muffler? Whacked out Christians? Definitely good qualities of an excellent viral video. ha.

Comment by contagiouscontent

Hey Kelly. I really like this idea for a blog. These viral videos definitely deserve to be talked about and analyzed, as they are the epitome of what it is to be a human being. haha.

I watched this video and thought that it was brilliant that humans do these crazy things, and also brilliant that someone compiled all of them into one fabulous video. If I were teaching a class on the internet, this would probably be my only required text. Which one is your fave?

Comment by atharts

My fave ones are the ones that I have seen before, mostly…another part of being human is we love things that are familiar to us! For example, I remember that dog skateboarding appeared on Oprah once, so I like that one, or the dude using that stick as a light saber, I remember one of my teachers in high school showing me. It is crazy how we attach memories to these kinds of things, and to people in videos we have never even met!

Comment by contagiouscontent

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