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Imitationz a la Internetz
October 25, 2009, 7:05 pm
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As we have already seen in my previous posts, many Internet phenomenon result from cultural moments or funny screw-ups happening out there in real life or in other entertainment mediums (TV, movies, etc.) but this post points out some parodies of existing websites that have no inherently entertaining quality until parodied.

My first example of this is Dickipedia: A Wiki of Dicks. No worries, this is not some kind of gross porn site, they mean “dick” in the personality kind of way. Formatted just like one big Wikipedia page, Dickipedia categorizes pages of people/places/things whom they deem “dickish” into different categories: Political dicks, Entertainment dicks, Media dicks, International dicks, Sports dicks, Business dicks and Miscellaneous dicks, with the very last listing being, Your Mom.

Dickipedia does not allow editing of the information provided about the people listed as regular Wikipedia does, but be on the lookout: the creators of the site have posted on it that they may change this option if editors “promise to be good”.

My second and equally hilarious website parody is called Regretsy, a parody on the art website Etsy, where people buy and sell handmade goods. On Regretsy, however, they post photos, descriptions and prices people were asking for for the most ridiculous and ugly pieces of crap they have made. The website then posts their own opinions of the item below the photo, and chuckling ensues.

Check it out, I guarantee you will laugh or your money back (which I can’t say the same if you bought one of the ludicrous items on Regretsy)



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