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I Think I’ve Cracked.
November 8, 2009, 10:12 pm
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any of the other sites that I have spoken of on this blog are about specific niche subjects that do not even have any real content of substance, per say, but just goofy little mini posts, really. That changes this, however, with a hilarious site I have come across, Cracked doesn’t have just one specific function but posts many different kinds of goofy content, including articles, videos, columns from columnists, Craptions, which are pictures with silly reader-assigned captions tagged onto different pictures and forums for readers to sound off.One article currently on the site’s homepage that I really enjoyed reading was “6 Movie Plots Made Possible By Bafflingly Bad Decisions”. My Dad and I constantly watch movies together and say “That wouldn’t happen!” all the time, so such an article made me chuckle right from the title. My personal favorite is the King Kong one…I mean, it is SO preposterous that a humongous gorilla monster would be brought over on a boat to America by mistake!


In terms of video, I found this one on the site called “8 ‘Adorable’ Videos That Qualify as Animal Cruelty” which sarcastically chronicles how ridiculous it is that people essentially mock and in some cases, nearly harm their pets just for a funny video or joke. It also works in perfectly with the theme of this blog, and while there are a lot of viral animal videos I haven’t really touched on many of them yet, so this is a good time to show some.

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This entire site embodies a lot of what viral Internet content is about…mocking ourselves, our peers and our culture. These are just two small articles, so please browse the whole site, I’m certain you can’t go without finding something that makes you laugh! I now leave you with a Craption. Enjoy.

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