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The Real World?
November 19, 2009, 8:40 pm
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Today there are many instances where people take things that happen on the Internet, radio or television a little bit too far, and it starts to effect life in “the real world”. I’m told it is this magical place where people interact on a human level, completely devoid of technology. Hmm, if only.

One such example involves something I have already blogged a little bit too much about, Tumblr. I only bring it up again because yesterday, someone proposed, via Tumblr. Yes, PROPOSED. Their proposal was posted in banner form above the Tumblr log-in where every user could see it. I snapped a photo for your viewing pleasure.

There were many, many posts about this on Tumblr after it happened. And just as many people found it adorable as found it atrocious. Propose over the Internet? What kind of memory of the proposal does that leave you with? How will you describe it to your Grandkids? They probably won’t even know what a Tumblr is. And I must say, I agree. While I give this dude points for being creative, it is a little creepy to propose over the Internet.

Secondly, I wanted to discuss an article I found in The New York Times the other day about the advertising company McCann Erickson. This real-life company has been name dropped on the hit AMC show Mad Men and, SPOILER ALERT: in the season finale last week, the fictional advertising company in the show, Sterling Cooper, is revealed to have been bought out by McCann, against the will of Sterling Cooper’s employees. And thus, for this week only, McCann’s website features an intro with the show’s characters talking about the merger and then is concluded with a banner reading “Welcome, Sterling Cooper.” Check it out now, it is only up on the site for a week!

I find this kind of integration of television to a real world company a bit more understandable than the Internet proposal, almost cute and kitschy in a way, as if to say, “Yes, we can have a good time and poke a little fun at ourselves and the TV show we have been mentioned on,” but it still doesn’t completely fit this serious advertiser’s model. What about clients who don’t watch the show and see it? Won’t this just seem a bit out of place? Does this kind of media placement mean we should all be paying a lot more attention to hit TV so we can feel more in the loop, more than we already do, when even advertising company conglomerates are using it regularly? Hmm.


November 2, 2009, 3:00 am
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Of all of the social networking sites, Tumblr is one of the newest and most visually appealing, emphasizing image over text. Similar to the News Feed and live updates posted on Facebook, Tumblr has a “Dashboard” which blogrolls up-to-the-minute content from everyone that a specific user is subscribed to. Considering my last post was about all of the different viral and social networking sites, the thing I would like to point out that is especially handy and above par for Tumblr is that within Tumblr a person can subscribe to the Tumblrs of such viral sites, thus getting their content without even leaving Tumblr. This is an excellent marketing and branding tool on Tumblr’s part. For example, there is a Tumblr specifically for TXTSFRMLSTNGHT, FML and many others. There are also certain Tumblrs that have gained notoriety through Tumblr themselves, even if they do have an outside site. One such example is Wordboner, a site that creates witty sayings and graphics that can be ordered on posters and t-shirts. But without these sayings getting a presence in the Tumblr blogroll for those that follow them, it is pretty safe to say that they would have a lot less web traffic.

And so it is with this that I encourage all of you to get a Tumblr, if not for the constant narcissistic updates you can post about yourself, your daily life and your friends, but so that you can read the constant updates, funny pictures and latest Internet memes of others! And once you get started, start to follow me! My Tumblr is here.

Let me know what you think, I certainly enjoy (perhaps overindulge would be a better word) in the Tumblr world myself.