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The Decade in 7 Minutes
November 11, 2009, 12:44 am
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A lot of Internet videos like this mock goofy trends or memes, but I enjoyed finding one on the political as well as social climate. As it is titled, this video re-caps the entire past decade in seven minutes.

I’m not even going to get into how weird it is that 2000 was ten years ago (eek!) but watching this video was interesting because it reminded me a lot of news items I had forgotten about (oh hai, elian gonzalez!) and also linked events that couldn’t have been predicted would link up when they were happening (various events about the Iraqi war, for example.)

So while I know a seven minute video is close to the edge of being a little too long and not holding people’s interest, I suggest you stick it out for this one, as it is creative as well as informative!

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Location, Location, Location.
November 2, 2009, 12:45 am
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Considering that the Internet is accessible anywhere in the world where you can find a connection and a server, people often seem to forget that each piece of information actually does come from a specific location somewhere in the world. Sometimes these locations are important, and sometimes they aren’t, but either way it is something to keep in the back of your mind.

4CHAN, the largest English-based imageboard site for example, was started in NYC in 2003 by a fifteen year old kid (yes, only fifteen!) who posts as “moot”. Buying the server space on his mom’s credit card (with her permission) the kid started the site as a place to discuss Japanese video games and television shows, but now becomes a server of all kinds of funny images and Internet phenomena/trends.

YouTube was created by three former PayPal employees out of San Bruno, CA in 2005. These three guys, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim started the site when they were disgruntled about how it was not easy to share videos with each other from a dinner party they attended and thus, YouTube was born. With the guys originally holding up YouTube’s office above a pizzeria in San Bruno, CA, the company was moved to San Bruno when it was bought by Google in 2006.

College Humor is a website that posts comedic pictures, links and videos, that, as the name states, are geared towards the college age demographic. The site was started by Josh Abramson and Ricky Van Veen in 1999, two friends in high school in Baltimore, as I have indicated on my map. Site traffic is around seven million visitors per month, a rather high number for a comedy site.

Facebook is the global social networking site that hosts thousands of people’s individual pages, allowing them to post information and pictures about themselves as well as comment on the profiles of others, post links to outside sources and post status updates. Started by Mark Zuckerberg in his Harvard dorm room in 2003, the company has since taken off to become a global brand.

Flickr is an image hosting site supported by Yahoo!, often used as a host for bloggers’ photos such as this one! Since 2009 it claims to host over four billion images. Other such sites include Photobucket and Picasa.

FML, or F*** My Life, is a blog that serves as a “recollection of everyday anecdotes likely to happen to anyone.” Posts on the site are sent in by individuals about bad things that happen to them on a daily basis and read like a blogroll for other’s enjoyment. Originally started in France by designer Maxime Valette in 2008 with the french version Vie De Merde, which means “life of shit”, it became so popular an English version was created and a book of the best FML anecdotes was published in 2009.

PostSecret is an ongoing community mail project started by Frank Warren in 2005, where people send anonymous secrets to Frank on postcards and he posts them to the site, a Blogger hosted blog. Frank posts a new set of secrets each Sunday in addition to releasing books of said secrets and lecturing at various colleges and lecture halls.

Stuff White People Like is a WordPress-hosted blog of various people, places and things that “white people” like. Started by Christian Lander in 2008 and even has a book release, this blog uses comedy and irony to mock white people and their “uppity” tastes. As a white person myself, I can say that it definitely hits close to home.

Tumblr began in 2007 as an alternative blogging site, where users create a ┬áTumblelog, a short form blog. Each person’s posts that a user subscribes to come up in their “dashboard” so readers can view recent posts without going to individual blogs. Heavy on visual images and videos over wordy posts, Tumblr is thus more easy to use and more visually appealing than other blog forms.

MySpace is one of the original social networking sites, started by President Tom Anderson as an offshoot of Friendster in 2002. Now in competition with Facebook and Tumblr, MySpace was one of the first sites that allowed users to personalize their pages, post bulletins, blog updates and pictures, and comment on other users sites.

Posted here is a map of all of the locations where these sites started; as you can see they are all across the country, even across the world; and this is only ten sites! Enjoy.

NOTE: Three of these sites are located in NYC, so you have to zoom in reeeeeal close to see all three pins.

October 25, 2009, 7:44 pm
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This post is dedicated to failing, or as many of us say today, EPIC FAIL. Now of course what first comes to mind when you bring together failing and ze Internet is FAIL blog.FAIL blog is a hilariously funny blog which posts pictures of people, places and things that are just…failing. I’ve inserted a slideshow here of a few I liked so you can see what I mean, as there really is no way to describe it, you just have to see them for yourself. FAIL blog is just once again a case of the Internet mocking real life and how truly goofy humans are.

My second act of FAIL today is an article I found about the creator of the Fail Whale. In case you don’t know what that is, Fail Whale is the whale picture that comes up when you can’t get something to work on Twitter, as seen below.

Fail Whale

People all over have fallen in love with the Fail Whale image, in fact there is even now a Fail Whale martini! As the article states, Yiyung Lu, the Fail Whale creator, originally created the image as a birthday e-card for her friends and did not even have a Twitter when the company first came across the image and asked her if they could use it for their site. She later went on to create the Foul Owl image for Twitter, also seen here, which comes up when a suspicious account is suspended.

Foul Owl

Read the article if you would like to learn more, and happy failing!

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